Do you want to feel like a real soldier on a violent battlefield? Welcome to Bullet Force, an ultimate assortment of fights, where you may both have fun with your friends and participate in serious competitions. Shoot, hide, develop efficient tactics and improve your abilities with an abundance of shooting activities.

Who created Bullet Force?

This incredible shooter is a project made by Blayze Games, which is famous for its military related works, such as Forward Assault and FireFront. These projects are available on many platforms, including pc, Android and IOS. No need for any mods for a mobile version, as it is already here for you to enjoy!

You may play the full version of the game on crazy games with no download and take pleasure in the full spectrum of energetic battles. Depending on the mode and location, you will have different objectives, so pay attention to the details!

Gameplay Bullet Force

First person perspective makes this game a perfect simulator, as it allows you to completely delve into the atmosphere of fierce gunfire. But before you dash into the middle of the chaos, you should carefully distribute the resources you have. Starting with the most basic weapons, proceed to the rarest items.
Bullet Force
Note that each gun in Bullet Force has several characteristics, such as damage, accuracy, hip fire, stability, range and rate of fire. There can’t be a perfect firearm, which combines all these in the highest form, but you may choose the one, which suits your style better. Rely on the range and stability, if you prefer long-distance shooting, but in case close combat is your choice, pick up maximum damage.

However, not only your equipment can influence the final result. Check out the perks folder and find a way to upgrade your character directly. You may increase the speed of healing, bring more items with you and even invest into the stealth option! There are hundreds of combinations to provide you with a comfortable environment to entertain yourself.

What are the main features of the game?

  1. Select the mode to your liking. Most projects of this genre do not offer lots of options in terms of regimes, but this is a different case! There are no less than seven regimes, which present absolutely diverse experiences.
  2. Explore picturesque terrains. Even the landscapes in Bullet Force can amaze with their variability. From the droughty deserts to the snowy mountains, you may visit more than twenty maps and check your strengths there.
  3. Affiliate with the boundless society. The game attracts thousands of players from all over the world. Get acquainted with the professionals and learn some useful tips from them! Or you may always ask your buddies to join and make the session unforgettable.
  4. Get higher in the rankings. The more victories you gain, the more steps you can make towards the top of the rating. Moreover, with each rank you also get access to new skills and tools, so don’t stop improving your powers on the way to success.
  5. Make your warrior unique. Apart from the action part, Bullet Force also has an element of customisation, so you are free to wear various camouflages and gloves. Some of the suits come in several variations, but you will have to accomplish certain conditions to get them!

Construct the gun of your dreams

Not only does Bullet Force allow you to try out a multitude of weapons, but it also gives an extraordinary opportunity to alter them, changing every detail, from the sights to the camo! Focus on the elements that you need in a particular situation and craft the firearm that you need.
Bullet Force
Certainly, you will need some cash to acquire the best details and you may gain it through the endless streak of confrontations. Receive valuable rewards for each victory and spend them on the rifles. The more you invest into the upgrades, the more chances you will have to become the winner next time!

Rush to the battlefield

One of the most stunning moments in Bullet Force is that even the choice of the map influences the process, imposing additional missions and making it difficult to perform some manoeuvres. If you decide to spawn in the Woods, you should be ready for infinite tricks and traps, set up by the opposing team and the Village map is a perfect spot for snipers, as it has lots of multistorey buildings.

Vote for your favourite location and see how many players will stick with the same option. Some of the areas in the game are less popular than the other ones, so sometimes you will need to wait for quite a long time to investigate rare terrains.


The most recent edition of Bullet Force, which is presented by crazygames, has been achievable on this platform since November 11th. However, the outdated variants that were published before 2016 cannot be observed, as Blayze Games prohibited it.
Moreover, since November 2019 another version of Bullet Force is not applicable for the users, due to the absence of a login function. The Bullet Force game page contains all possible variants which you may have access to now.

Unblocked Bullet Force

In case Bullet Force happens to be dismissed on your gadget, the cause of it may lie in the networks of administration prohibitions. This may happen, when you are at school or other public space. If you face such a situation, it is recommended that you switch to another gadget or network, which doesn’t have these limitations.

Making an account in Bullet Force

To gain access to the particular features of Bullet Force, such as rank system, purchasing items, changing outfits and other upgrades, you should create a user account. The administration of the site doesn’t manage your account though, leaving all the rights to you.

Hacking in Bullet Force

With the assistance of several helpers such as aimbot, both the creators and gamers can discover the traces of hacking. Considering the fact that hacking in no form is acceptable on any mode of the project, Bullet Force demands anyone who faces it to report the issue on the Discord channels.

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  • WASD: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • Mouse: Shoot
  • Shift: Run
  • P: Pause
  • Enter: Respawn
  • G: Throw a grenade
  • E: Pick up a gun
  • F: Use a knife
  • R: Reload your weapon
  • C: Crouch
  • 2: Change your weapon

  • Arrow keys: Use killstreaks
  • Tab key: View the score


Bullet Force is a fascinating game that includes an abundance of curious elements that will captivate any player, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Take a look at the most engrossing mode and immerse into the space full of dangers and adrenaline-rushing activities!