Bullet Force Online

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Bullet Force Online

Bullet Force is ready to accept new brave soldiers in its lines! In this game you will be able to achieve unbelievable heights by shooting, blasting and smashing in the infinite series of violent battalias. There are hundreds of possible scenarios, just choose the one to your liking and proceed to annihilate all the foes!

Gameplay Bullet Force

Due to its easily comprehensible controls, the game allows you to spend minimum time on the introduction and devote more time to the shooting practice. Every confrontation begins with the tactic development and the choice of the firearms. You should consider lots of factors when picking up the appropriate clothes and rifles, so determine your aim beforehand.

The regime matters a lot, as it regulates the major aspects of the next match. Do you want to play in the squad or are you a loner? There are options for both cases and even several special ones for those, who appreciate exceptional challenges. Gain enough experience in the classical modes and take a look at more complex trials afterwards.

The most stunning feature though, is the fact that the game includes both online and offline aspects! Participate in the group competitions with the players from all over the world and receive exclusive rewards with each rise in the overall rankings. Although, if you want to practise with some new firearms or explore a new location, you may always do it offline.

Settle upon a perfect spot

The terrains you are going to visit in Bullet Force conceal an abundance of secrets that are not so easy to discover from the first try! Some of the maps are designed for a long-distance fighter and the others consist of elaborate mazes, where the danger can be waiting for you around every corner.

Although, there is a treacherous catch when you join a company. To make everyone’s chances equal, the map is selected with the voting and you should be lucky to get the location that gives you all the advantages. So, keep your rifles diverse and be ready to change your style dramatically.

Match your shotgun with your look

Bullet Force is surprisingly assorted in terms of guns, so you won’t have to get used to the standard ones. Instead, customise your rifle, adjusting its elements to the point, when you will be completely satisfied with its efficiency. The game even gives you a chance to try it in the practice mode and calibrate it again and again.

This also goes for the secondary armament, which is equally important during the battle. Sometimes the confrontation may not go as planned, so a small gun will come in handy, even if you are supposed to be a sniper. Moreover, there are various explosives, which can help you deal with big crowds of enemies at once. Apply different combinations and watch the results they produce.