Bullet Force PC

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Bullet Force PC

Have you ever wondered how it is like to fight in the centre of an intense battle? Bullet Force gives you a chance to try yourself in the role of a warrior and challenges you with a set of trials. Will you be able to go through all the difficulties to gain the long-awaited victory?

How to play Bullet Force

This game is not a classical shooter, as it includes many interesting regimes, where you can show off your best characteristics. In case you prefer to play in a company, there are several modes, where you need to either eliminate all the enemies or conquer their territories.

But if you are used to relying only on yourself, there is a variation of a royal battle, where everyone’s on their own. Experiment with the modes and figure out which one works best for you! Apart from that, weapons play a significant role in Bullet Force too, so pay attention to the rifle you decide to take with you this time.

Even the map may affect the ending of the confrontation! Select the most profitable one yourself, if your aim is to practise a little bit and develop new curious approaches and wait for the team to make their choices, if you would like to share the victory with other warriors.

Become an experienced gunmaker

Bullet Force is notable not only for its action-packed battalias, but also for a great range of rifles that differ with their appearances, features and purposes. The firearms are distributed in several classes, so it will be easy to find what you need. You may even find the explosives for a blasting effect!

Pick up one primary and one secondary rifle, to make sure that you will have an opportunity to change the strategy in a critical moment. The capability is an essential characteristic as well, thus, consider the fact that a sniper rifle for example, may be a more lethal option, but you have a limited number of tries!

Bullet Force appreciates an outer aspect of the equipment, too. Discover an abundance of variants for customisation and create your own brilliant gun from scratch! And don’t forget about the camo, as stealth will come in handy!