Tom Clancy’s Shootout

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Tom Clancy’s Shootout

Prepare for lots of action and endless battles! Take part in the most intense battalias and fight bag guys to save the hostages and win the round.

To achieve your aim, you will need a great deal of dedication and skill, as your enemies are not beginners! Improve your abilities and equipment to get better results and more rewards.

The game encourages you to kill as many opponents during the round as possible, to receive more valuable prizes. Acquire weapons and useful upgrades with the money you gained and show them off in the next match!

There are multiple kinds of firearms for any taste, so you will definitely find the one to suit your fighting style.

Wait for a foe to get into your trap and eliminate it from the cover or initiate a close combat, the choice is up to you! Apply various manners and use your wit to win and become a universal soldier.