Among Us: Airship

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Among Us: Airship

Travelling through space can become even more challenging if you know there is a dangerous traitor among the team. However, you can’t accuse anybody of being an impostor before seeing an assault with your own eyes. Catch the cunning alien and get to the point of destination safely.

In between the investigation, get yourself busy with the everyday tasks that need to be done to keep the machine working.

Among Us: Airship presents a different type of spacecraft and, consequently, different quests. Fix the wiring, clean up the vents or just make a sandwich, you are not obliged to do a particular task!

To get to another part of the airship, you will sometimes need to go up or down the ladders or utilise special platforms. Be careful, as an impostor can be waiting for you on one of them! Keep your eyes open to bypass possible dangers and stay alive.