Bullet Force 2

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Bullet Force 2

Let yourself be carried away by the universe of battles and strategy! Bullet Force is a game that presents a multitude of possibilities. Become a skilful soldier and engage into thousands of battles. Victory depends on each member of the group, so make everything you can to win!

Gameplay Bullet Force

Begin your journey into the most gripping shooting game with the basic settings. Decide, whether you want to participate in the fights from a distance and eliminate the enemies from the heights or you prefer more direct combat and want to rely on brute force.

Whatever you choose, there are many options for you to gather a perfect set of equipment. Carefully study all the details of your rifle and think what you can adjust to make it even more efficient. Some of the details, though, require a definite level of experience and a bit of cash, so you will need to work hard to be able to afford the best ones!

Moreover, the choice of the map matters, too! Each location has some specific elements, which may both help you out and interfere with your tactic. The location is accepted according to the voting, so rely on your luck! At the same time, some modes allow you to practise and explore the terrains by yourself.

Determine the best approach

Bullet Force includes lots of different regimes, from the most popular, such as Team Deathmatch and less favourite, but engrossing nonetheless, such as VIP. On every occasion, the mission will lie in diverse activities. In the team matches you will usually need to destroy the opposing group.

But in more complex quests, you may receive an unusual task. For example, in Free-for-all, your aim is to become the first one, who kills thirty players, which can be a challenging task, if you face experienced soldiers. Utilise your best strategies and try to outwit your foes.

Some of the perks may help you in this matter, as they increase your abilities in the battle, making you harder to eradicate. It may be faster healing or higher speed, increased capability or special tricks, it all depends on how you use it.